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we  get out now or we     d i e   t r y i n g

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I really like it when kid’s movies do this sort of thing and manage to make it seem natural and not at all forced to be like “edgy” or whatever.

and the parents’ associations got mad that the football player is gay…

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You think you could scare me?

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Any positive thoughts on Sterek this season? I worry that as much as the meta is really clever, things often play out differently in the show, and sterek might be one of those things. We've had one tiny scene between real!derek and stiles this season, and the scene before that was in 3b. I'm losing faith here, do you think we'll have any sterek at all in s4? I also suspect Mason will be set up with Stiles, his 'statistically speaking' line made me think that was being foreshadowed.
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Well, I’ve got to be honest, I’d love to see Stiles with Mason. One, Bi Stiles ftw! and two, he’s way less troubling than Malia. (Meredith is almost less troubling than Malia) 

And I am sharing your frustrations. As Cupid observed, there’s a line between slow-burn and no burn, and the shows very close to it. 

But I’m not without hope, and I was thinking this needs a write up, so let’s do this!

The facts:

  • We’ve had 4 seasons of a relationship building between Derek and Stiles. The first two season ran hot, and the second have been cooler, but with extremely meaningful interactions.
  • Derek and Stiles trust each other and keep each other’s secrets. Which is actually a really big deal for each of them.
  • They have saved each other’s lives, repeatedly. 
  • Derek spent all of 3B running himself into the ground to save Stiles.
  • Stiles opened 4 with going to extreme lengths (traveling to a different country, taking on a family of hunter’s in their compound, offering up a huge sum of badly needed cash, etc) to save Derek.
  • Jennifer made herself act and appear like Stiles to seduce Derek. Malia acted like Derek, and changed her appearance to look like Lydia to seduce Stiles.
  • Stiles is Derek’s anchor.

The Structure:

  • Derek and Stiles are following the tried and true Pride & Prejudice model. That means a long starting period of antagonistic bantering, followed by a period of separation, ending with an emotional reveal upon reunion. We’re in the separation period.
  • Draeden and Stalia are currently serving as example of how NOT to relationship and both are on their way out. 
  • Derek has been using Braeden as a bodyguard to protect himself in his weakened condition, securing her with the only currency he currently has, namely himself. Otherwise, he’s shown zero interest in anyone romantically other than Stiles since 3a. While he has flirted with Braeden, everytime he turns away from her, his expression falls flat. 
  • As I have said many, many, many time, it’s going to look like Derek and Stiles are NEVER going to get together until just before they do. This is a common trope for romances of this kind.
  • There are many, many hints that what we have no is not real!Derek or rather, Whole!Derek, and that his human form is going to die in the next episode.

The Speculation:

  • Stiles is going to find, and help save, Real!Derek from the tomb in Mexico where he is still being held. 
  • Stiles is going to find out that he is Derek’s anchor, and this, along with Stiles’s reaction to Derek’s ‘Death’ is going to be the first emotional reveal.
  • As I predicted, Sterek isn’t going to come into flower before season 5. We have twenty long episodes in 5 for Sterek to develop, and trust me, Jeff’s going to take his time.
  • The Pose. The few (and God, I hate that there are so few) times that Derek and Stiles have been together, we’ve gotten the Trust and Anchor poses, which are visual messages that Sterek is still the game plan. Those poses are two specific (especially the Trust one) to just ‘happen’, and we’ve seen many other instances of Jeff communicating things visually, without going into it in the narrative.

All of this is consistent with that I’ve been saying all along: a season 5 timing, and it’s Darkest before the Dawn. 

It is coming. Sterek is the relationship Jeff’s been wanting to write about and it is going to develop, but its not going to be easy and he’s going to make us work for it. 

with all of this, I wonder if stiles replacing anger as his anchor might help derek shift to full wolf this season. anger worked for peter but peter is a psychopath and derek is far from. maybe fully accepting the anchor shift and stiles returning the feelings could be what he needs to feel secure enough with his wolf side to shift completely.


how is this town real

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First illustration for kedreeva, winner of our Sterek Campaign slots! She requested Stiles as a runemage, with Derek in his wolf form and a ethereal wolf familiar at his sides.

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what an update day would be  without some sterek?:)

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Swim, swim, swim.. [x]

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My favourite card ever.


Sterek AU // Hell // short movie

*Trust Me, If You Don’t Ship Sterek Now, You Will After Watching This Video

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Bless you, Pixar, for taking time to give us bloopers.

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Inside MTV’s Monster Hit with Dylan O’Brien & Tyler Posey

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